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Company Profile
Changzhou Biowin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd: Established in Changzhou, China in 2012, Changzhou Biowin BioPharm Co., Ltd was founded by national leading experts in biomedical sciences in China and is specialized in the research and development of point-of care diagnostic test kits (POCT), and is expecting to become one of the leading companies in point of care test and medical devices in China soon. The company provides a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of antibodies, antigens, diagnostic test kits in heart disease£¬ infectious disease, stroke, kidney function, diabetes, cancer and bone metabolism disorder. A complete in vitro diagnostic research and development laboratory, the advanced facilities, equipment and the expertised personnel support for manufacture, evaluation and marketing have been well established as well. Five fully developed technical platforms have provided full scale support to our business activity, including antibody preparation, fluorescence immune chromatography, colloidal gold immune chromatography, immune chemiluminescence detection and molecular diagnostic detection. The ISO 13485 qualified manufacture facility and the related product examination laboratory for quality control have secured us for the high quality and high capacity production. The main clinical field focused by our company includes most of the common diseases such as myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke, renal failure, diabetes, cancer, infectious diseases, which represent the high marketing potential in China as well as in the world. In addition, a fast and high quality reaction system for the research and development of diagnostic test kit has been well developed in our company. To response the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been on action very quickly and efficiently, and developed a rapid on-site isothermal amplification test kit for the virus nucleic acid, a rapid immune colloidal gold conjugated test kit for the virus antibodies and antigen. Attracted by our aggressive progress and entrepreneurial spirit, we have gathered  high intelligent scientists and business people national widely to build our future.

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